Lifestyle Makeover with Melissa

"For things to change, you've got to change and for things to get better, you've got to get better" -Jim Rohn

What You Can Expect

You can read self help books, listen to motivational speakers, meditate, say affirmations... but there is just something so magical about having someone to actually talk to... Someone to give you feedback on your life from a new, fresh, external perspective.

Identify & Break Through Limiting Beliefs

That little voice in your head can be making you believe some pretty crazy things, especially if you're holding onto beliefs that don't serve you.

Let's figure out the negative stories that you are telling yourself and re-write them. What you believe, you will achieve so if you are full of negative thoughts, you won't be doing yourself any favors.

Create Healthier Routines & Habits for Your Mind, Body & Soul

It's time to love yourself enough to pay more attention to your health. Let's be honest, when you work on nourishing your body, you feel your best. When you feel your best, you can show up as the best version of yourself. When you're showing up as the best version of yourself, those crazy goals & dreams you have don't seem so far out of reach anymore.


Build a Plan of Action & Get to Work

Let's figure out exactly what you want and then create some steps to get there.

Who feels me... It's so easy to say that you are going to do something but then get completely distracted by the chaos of life and never actually accomplish it. It's my intentions to help hold you accountable so you can dream big and step into what's possible. 


Honored to be a part of your transformation ✨


"Melissa is such an incredible light in this world. She has such a gift to lift and transform those in her presence. Melissa and I connected right away. I could feel her goodness from the first conversation. It has been a complete honor to be part of her soul’s journey. Anyone who comes into her energy is in for a beautiful awakening experience."

Marli Ansel @marli_ansel
Melissa's Spiritual Guide & Mentor

What does Coaching look like?

I will guide you through a framework that I have created teaching you how to raise your vibration. We will be talking about:

Your past & how it's impacted your beliefs

The future & what you truly want

✨The importance of REAL Self Care and how to be creating new routines & habits

Manifestation and how to connect with the flow of abundance

✨Money mindset and how to increase your value to earn more 💸


Signature 3 Month Life Coaching Offer perfect for you if you are fed up and ready for change.

What's Included:

✨(12) Weekly 1:1 Mentoring Calls

✨We will cover Three Stages: HEAL, CREATE & ELEVATE.

In the first month (HEAL) we will focus on healing the past that no longer serves us. Reconnecting & shifting our perception & beliefs to prepare us for the new direction we are intentionally  creating. 

In month 2 (CREATE) we will dive into creating the life that you want to be living. We will create new boundaries, habits & routine that will help you design an aligned and purposeful life.

In month 3 (ELEVATE) we will work together as you integrate the new beliefs & perceptions, habits and routines as you start showing up as the higher vibration of yourself!

 Written Assignments

Bringing you back to the school days. At the end of each call, I will assign you with some written work to complete before our next call. THIS IS CRUCIAL. Making the time to complete this is important so that we can build open what you uncover on the next call.

Text Support & Check In's Between Calls

As your Coach & Guide, it is my responsibility to help hold you accountable and be available extra support. We will be in contact through either IG Message, FB Message or Text depending on how you prefer to communicate.

I'm Ready For Change

Need a little attitude adjustment??? Schedule a POWER HOUR CALL

A Power Hour call is the perfect pick me up when you need some contagious, high vibe energy or if you'd like to take Melissa's coaching for a test drive.

This 60 Minute is designed to help you  realign with a powerful mindset and create a plan of action as you take the steps towards the bright, abundant life you deserve.


Brightest Light Mastermind ✨

A 12 Week Spiritual Journey for ambitious women who want to discover deeper levels of themselves opening the restriction to more money, opportunities, relationship & abundance-- allowing them to truly shine their Brightest Light ✨

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"My journey has had its ups and downs but guess what, Melissa has never left my side! Why? Because she believed in me more then I believed in myself! I can’t even begin to express how extremely thankful I am for her. I can say with 100% certainty that I would have NEVER gotten as far as I have without her. I’m currently down 85lbs and feeling so much better about myself!! If you're ready for your journey/lifestyle change definitely work with Melissa I promise you won’t regret it!!"

Kayla Bilby

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