Living in fear or worry about cash money is NOT the vibe my love✨

Have you ever felt like no matter how hard you work - extra money feels impossible to come by?


No matter what, it just disappears faster than it comes?

Why is that???

I'm so glad that you asked...

Would you believe me if I told you that... 

'Money is more about how you FEEL than what you DO?'

Do you believe me when I say 'the energy that we hold has the power to attract or repel money & positive experiences?'

If money currently feels:




I get it.

There have been many days in my life that money caused me to feel inadequate & less worthy than other people around me.

That's when I realized something needed to change.

Enough was enough.
I was tired of feeling so triggered around money.

Money Moves is a compilation of the knowledge I have collected on this journey to healing and upleveling my mindset & energy around Money.

Here is what I have learned & hope to teach you:

Money is not so much about how hard you work or how much you accomplish- I know, I know, it sounds counter intuitive, but it's the truth.


Money is not magic - YOU are Magic.


When we are consumed with lack & limitation on the inside - (our thoughts, beliefs & expectations) - we tend to experience lack & limitation on the outside.

Does any of this sound familiar to you too?


It's time to pinpoint what's dulling your shine so that you can evolve & expand what is possible for your financial future. ✨

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A total immersion & deep dive into the energy & frequency of money & manifestation ✨

Included in this Course:

  • LIFETIME Access to Course Material - Easy Accessible through Kajabi App
  • 14 Daily Audio Conversations (10-15 minutes each day)
  • Daily Action Assignments 
  • Mindset Shifting Affirmations
  • Guided Meditation 
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  • This is NOT a course on Budgeting
  • Melissa is NOT a financial advisor
Money Moves will NOT tell you what to do with your money - The intention of this course is to guide you on a journey to heal your relationship and realign your energy towards money.

This course is the Energetics and Frequency of Money - NOT a course on financial planning or budgeting

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“This course was beyond what I expected. Melissa breaks down complex ideas so that they are more understandable and relatable to every day life. Listening to these conversations has allowed me to change the way I think about money, the way I feel about money and what I feel is possible for my future. Money Moves not only helped me feel better about money, but it also allowed me to feel better about myself as a whole”.


I've created this course with BUSY people in mind

Life is busy. It's always going to be busy. But that can't be the reason why we don't learn new things & uplevel our mindset.

Money Moves is a simple audio conversation that you listen to first thing each morning for 14 days.

Log in & access the course material, download the App or just click the link that will be in your email each day.

Listen to all 14 days once through and then slowly, on your own time, go back and fully digest this information. Repeat these conversations over and over until they become a part of you.

True Embodiment happens when we are willing to LIVE this work - show up each day ready to expand your perspective on what's possible for you!


Take a listen to Day 1 -
I really want you to feel the vibe & experience the potency of this program

Each day for 14 Days you'll receive an audio conversation just like this one. It's my intention that these conversations bring awareness to areas of your life where you may be unintentionally blocking your own blessings.

Can you imagine...

✨ Not feeling stressed, overwhelmed or anxious every time you swiped your debit card?

Having extra money at the end of each month to do more things with the people that you love?

Appreciating yourself more & seeing yourself as a valuable person in the World 

Imagine if these steps were laid out for you so that you could quit procrastinating & get to the root of what holds you back from the abundance that you deserve to be experiencing?

This course is available for you right now if you are ready to re-write your money story, update your beliefs & tap deeper into the capabilities of Manifestation & Law of Attraction ✨


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Serious props to you for investing not only your money but also your time in something that has the potential to change the way you feel about Money forever.

Cheers to upleveling my love - See you inside the course! ✨