There’s a common goal here...

To Heal and Help Heal.
Your body deserves more love than ever starting right NOW

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Do you ever...

Do you ever question how different life could feel if you weren’t so hard & critical of yourself & your body?

Do you ever feel exhausted from looking at yourself in the mirror and feeling down?

Do you ever get sick of constantly comparing yourself to others?

Do you ever wonder what it would feel like to walk into a crowded room and actually enjoy being seen? 

Do you ever wonder what you may be holding yourself back from due to lack of confidence?

Do you ever wonder what else is possible for you in this lifetime?

Do you want to quit hiding from new opportunities and feel confident stepping into them?

Have you been wanting to learn HOW to heal so that you can up level and become an even more powerful version of yourself?

There is no coincidence why you are reading this right now...

this experience is for you

 Here's the thing...

You are NOT alone 

Although we are each different & unique in our own ways - we also have many similarities in the emotions we feel, especially feelings we have about our bodies 

It's no wonder you may be feeling less than perfect...
Here is what Society has made us feel...

Like perfection lies in ur bodies, bank accounts & status 

That we have to be "liked" and "validated" to feel significant

That there is just one illusion of a "perfect body" and anything less than that is just not good enough 

That we are doomed & stuck in our toxic thoughts and unhealthy habits forever

That change is hard and only possible for others - only disciplined people get results

The TRUTH is... 
We are here to heal & help heal 

Join this Round

Here’s what may have happened…

From a very young age, you've been like a SPONGE. Soaking up beliefs from all of the people around you - family, friends, influential people, celebrities, commercials, media– Seriously, we adopt so many ideas, beliefs and identities from allllllll over, and if we’re not careful or aware, it happens all of the time.

Have you ever stopped to think about that before?

There may be beliefs that you have been buying into that are just NOT TRUE.

Any of these sound familiar?

  • “I need to find that one diet, quick fix or person to make things different”
  • “I have to go through the torture of dieting if I want to look good naked” 
  • “My body type makes me different than others” 
  • “I can’t have a fit body because I’m not as disciplined as her” 
  • “I am stuck because my whole family is “like this” 
  • “The skinner I am, the healthier I am. Only skinny people are healthy” 


Do these have to be TRUE??

False beliefs or "ways of thinking" have been imprinted on your Soul and some of them may very well have separated you from your truth

You are most likely buying into beliefs about yourself that ARE NOT TRUE & it’s time that we uncover those together. As a circle of supportive friends holding space for your story. 


Your story matters & plays a role in healing others.

Join this Healing Circle

What holds people back from healing??

  • Feeling frustrated not knowing how to heal body image 
  • Not realizing or acknowledging things that are deserving of healing
  • Brushing off past experiences by saying ‘it wasn’t that bad’ 
  • Fear, judgement, shame & guilt 
  • Lack of direction, support or love
  • Distractions 

What happens when people procrastinate healing?

  • Frequent low vibes & mood swings 

  •  Lack of self worth & confidence

  •  Stressful relationships

  •  Recurring poor patterns & habits

  •  Potential to pass unhealthy beliefs onto others 

  •  Feeling uncomfortable stepping out of the comfort zone

  • Poor health - mentally, physically & emotionally

 What happens when people DO Heal?

  • Happy & Healthy Body 
  • Greater Fulfillment
  • Deeper Self Worth 
  • Flourishing Relationships 
  • Role model for family, kids & significant other
  • Abundance, new opportunities & greater manifestations
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Sheena Rodrigues 

“Melissa I have to thank you. I’m going to be completely honest and say that I already feel sooo different! Like, I knew I had walls up but didn’t realize how many damn walls were in my way! I had NO IDEA how much I was going to learn about myself and how I’m blocking my own success. I’m soooo glad I took this leap! ❤️”

Alannah Gonzales

I began working with Melissa, during one of my lowest times. I hardly knew myself anymore. She is came in like my saving angel. She has completely changed my life. I am more of a happier human, mom and wife. I enjoy life so much more now. But most of all my business. I had been "working" on my business for 2 years and probably barely made $150 in that time. Within in 3 months of working with Melissa I have made $3,000. I have consistent clients, my engagement rate is up and I am just more organized. This is only the beginning and I can't wait to see how much further I go. Melissa, is a mentor, guide and friend. She cares so much about her clients it is insane how pure her intentions are. If you are on the fence, looking for a sign this is IT! Take the leap it is soooo worth it

Ayisha Otero

Where do I even begin? Melissa has completely changed my life. When I came to her I was so lost, stuck and just completely unhappy with where I was in life. I needed steps to take backed by some immediate action. I sought all the audio books, personal development, anything to help -you name it. But she really collapsed time for me and I wouldn't be where I am today. I've grown into the woman I've always known I wanted to be, launched my dream business , and cannot believe all this happened by a simple YES in myself-and Melissa holding that space for me.

Hey Love, I am Melissa Impett


Anything Mind, Body & Soul is my JAM!


I feel so called to host this Healing Circle as a safe space for people to express, be heard, realign and come back to their original & infinite love & self expression.  


This Healing Circle is going to be DEEP. 


Think of it as the Ultimate "Juice Cleanse for the Soul"


It's my intention to create a community to feed your Soul with Good Vibes while I guide the way with nourishing conversations, daily practice routines, movement & embodiment experiences.


Don't be surprised if there are a few tears shed during our time together - it is safe to feel, it is safe to heal - we are in this together. I can’t wait for you to feel the sense of relief as you get emotions out energetically.


Trust me, I understand what it feels like to be all alone, spinning in low vibe thoughts - feeling down on yourself and not knowing what to do. 


I get it - it’s a really challenging place to be - 


I want to help you rise. We want to help you rise. 


There is so much power within healing circles - if only I could put it into words - it’s something you must just experience.


Having worked with over 100 clients on this same mission, I am confident in helping you release and reach new levels of self compassion & deeper fulfillment.


I love you - See you Sunday, March 27th!!


Through Conversation & Interactive Activities We'll Be Touching Upon:

The Human Body 

Energy, Emotions & Vibration

Manifestation & Ideal Scenes

Our Current Belief Systems

Tools & Resources to Live By


How the Healing Circle Works

Each week we will have a 90 minute community zoom call where I will host different activities & experiences for you to be a part of. There will be opportunities for you to share, listen, learn, explore & embody. 


There will be recommended “Daily Practices” for you to follow during the week.



Access to Instagram Message Group Chat


Potential for Lifelong Transformation & New Ways of Being


A New Community Full of High Vibe Friends


The Details:

Eight 90 Minute Zoom Calls with a Closing Ceremony Call

Calls are on Sunday nights at 8pm EST // 5pm PST

Resource Library 


Embodiment Experiences - Meditations, Movement, Breathwork, Tapping & More 

An App to Access all of the Content & Recordings 

This isn't about having the "Perfect Body" but embodying the most Beautiful Energy

Pay in Full ( $111 Saving )



3 Month Payment Plan




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This experience is going to show you the diversity within all of us, but equally the commonality - we have all experienced so many different things, however have so much of the same to heal from


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