Embracing Your Divine Feminine

Uncategorized Jul 16, 2021

Can I be just sexy without feeling like a hoe???⠀

Is it just me or is it sad that when women tap into their feminine energy its immediately labeled by society?⠀

Do you know that EVERY human being has both masculine & feminine energy?⠀

The sad reality is, a ton of women these days are stuck way too deep in their masculine and that’s happened for many different reasons. ⠀

The reasons I was so stuck in my masculine for so long….⠀

🤍 I was legit trying to prove myself & prove my worth. I thought I had to ‘DO’ to be worthy⠀

🤍 I thought my ‘achievements’ was what made me desirable ⠀

🤍 I thought I had to do it all - I truly thought that asking for help or receiving help was a form of weakness. ⠀

Damn did this energetic balance cause me to feel so low vibe⠀

Being so much in my masculine, I felt like I had to always be hustling & that just ISN’T LIFE. ⠀

Life isn’t meant to feel like you are swimming up stream⠀

Life is meant to feel fun, playful, gentle, easy, sexy ⠀

Not just focus, hard work, dedication, concentration ⠀

Flow my love. Tap into your feminine energy⠀

To be honest - my feminine energy was so foreign to me I had to actually intentionally schedule ‘feminine time’ into my life. ⠀

I know it sounds silly, but if you’re anything like me and you feel kinda awkward being super girly, sexy, goddessy- then you might need to do just this too- you might need to make time to let your divine feminine energy flow⠀

Here’s a few ways I’ve been tapping into more feminine energy:

✨Dance - no joke I love dancing around naked embracing my body and finding deeper ways to fall involve with myself

✨Pleasure - get to know your body & what feels good. Remember, you don’t need somebody else to experience pleasure if you know what I mean 😉 Pleasure is such high vibe energy

✨ Lil photoshoots like this picture - get dressed up, feel like a queen, get a tripod, take some dope pictures for yourself - feeeeeel like a Goddess cuz you ARE

✨ Breath, meditation, movement - come back into your body. Be present. Allow yourself back into your own heart. Get to know yourself in the quiet moments when nothing else matters

✨ Nurture - Take care of your body, love up on it, take soothing baths or showers. Massage your body with nice lotions. Love up on yourself more than you love up on someone else

✨Nature - appreciate nature more than you ever have before. Thank every tree, every sunset, every animal. BE love.

If you’re curious about how imbalanced masculine/feminine energy could be exactly what’s keeping you low vibe, unfulfilled & not seeing your manifestations come through - Please reach out and DM me.

There is magic in both of these energies & when you tap into your balance, your entire life with thrive 💋

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