Learning To Balance Your High Vibes and Low Vibes

Jim Rohn said it best - 

He said 'Winter always comes'

What he meant by that is no matter what - no matter how much personal development work that you do - winter always comes. The cold, hard days won't just disappear, but you'll be bette at handling them


We're going to have a whole bunch of high vibe days as we learn to better take care of ourselves and our energy - but we have to remember that the low vibe experiences still will surface. 

I truly believe that the low vibe times play an important role in trying to teach us or remind us of something. 

There is typically truth hidden within the experiences that make you feel low vibe.

So ask yourself 'what is here for me'?

'What am I meant to be learning from this experience'?

Take out a journal or a piece of paper and answer your own questions. 

You have all the answers within your heart, you just must be willing to go find them. 

Low vibes don't have to last long if you're willing to learn how to...

Be Nice To Yourself!

I remember when I was first getting into fitness I used to be so fucking rude to myself because I wasn’t as coordinated as I envisioned myself being

It’s been a practice of finding grace with myself. Being kind. Standing tall for my potential— not my limitations.

Life is just like a balancing act. Some days you’re gunna get knocked off balance

How will you react???

Cuz that’s what matters

Who cares if you’re a klutz like meee, that makes us unique! That makes us real! That makes us human!

No need to be judgmental towards ourself — it’s time to embrace allllllll of who we are — not just how ‘perfect’ we can be

If you can stay balanced for days on days, fuck yaaaa— good for you!!!

If you’re more like me, you may feel the ebbs & flow of life

Some days your super motivated, super gung hoe (ps I’ve never actually used that word in a caption i don’t think ) and super high vibe

The very...

Do You Believe In Yourself?

Do you believe in you??

I know it sounds like a silly question — “like ya Melissa of course I believe in me”...

But do you actually?

Do you trust yourself?

Do you trust your visions?

Do you trust your desires?

Do you allow yourself to dream bigger?

Do you allow yourself to tap into your unique gifts & light unapologetically?

Do you allow yourself to be seen? Do you allow yourself to be heard?

Do you feel like you’ve got a responsibility in creating Heaven on Earth?

I ask these questions cuz in my opinion — this is the ‘life work’

Letting go of the resistance, the judgement & the low vibe emotions we have around ourself is the life work

You’ve heard it a million freaking times, if you don’t love you then how can someone else — the reality is, if you don’t love you — if you don’t see value in you — life will feel so much heavier than it needs to

It all starts with your relationship to...


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