Why Are Your Manifestations Taking So Long?

WTF are my manifestations taking so long?⠀

I get it, trust me - it can be frustrating when you want something so badly but you feel like it’s not showing up.

Then you start questioning if manifestation is actually real or as easy as people say it is ⠀

Can I give you a little tip?⠀⠀

First of all - frustrated, desperate or needy energy will REPEL your desires. If you feel yourself feeling annoyed - it’s so important to shift back to a place of gratitude. Gratitude is everythingggg when you want to attract more.

This ones big- ⠀⠀

Have you been noticing the ways that the manifestation HAS already begun to start coming to fruition in your life?? The Universe needs time to arrange what it is that you desire but it will surely send you some pretty bomb signs along the way if YOU are open to receiving these messages. ⠀⠀

Let me give a few examples….⠀⠀

For example - when you really, really want something like….⠀⠀

A Dream Car - Tell me how many times the Universe has put that car in your path ever since you decided you wanted it??? You start noticing the car more and more as you’re driving around. That’s no coincidence. The car is becoming more and more familiar to you if you’re seeing it all the time - APPRECIATE THAT. Literally say out loud when you see it - “Thank you Universe. I see you. I believe in you. I know my path to my car is unfolding. I know that I am being guided down the road to that drivers seat” Cash Moneyyyy - Maybe you want (or need) $10,000 but you may be thinking ‘How the fuck is that going to happen’?? Remember that “desperate” or “needy” energy is alway going to resist want you desire & remember, what you RESIST persists. Meaning if you keep resisting money cuz you always question HOW it’s going to show up - you’re going to be stuck persisting and not actually seeing it. Start noticing each time money DOES flow to you. Just cuz it may not be the lump sum of 10k doesn’t mean there isn’t still money flowing to you DAILY. Pay attention to every cent that comes your way and appreciate that shittt - it’s already multiplying, you just gotta work on receiving it ⠀

⠀Your Dream Relationship -How many times have you gone on a date that didn’t go as planned?? Or started talking to someone who had a ton of characteristics that you did like, but it just wasn’t the right one? You ARE manifesting your dream partner because all these past attempts have allowed you more clarity on what your dream relationship really looks like. Don’t look at it as ‘failed attempts’ - look it as more evidence as to what you DO or DON’T want in a partner. 

A Bomb Ass Successful Business- Each and every idea that flows to you is evidence that your successful business is unfolding. Each mentor, role model, influential figure or social media account that shows up in your life is a little piece of direction from the Universe. The problem for most people is they overthink things & destroy the pure guidance the universe was trying to send. Fear pops up & knocks people right off track from exactly what it is that will pave the way to the successful career they’ve been dreaming of.⠀⠀

In summary - start paying attention to all the ways your manifestations & dreams ARE showing up instead of being so focused on how they are not.

Hope this is helpful!!! Manifestation is my JAM & I just love talking about it so much so please send me a message anytime you have a question - especially if you’re the type of person that wants to understand manifestation & law of attraction more - I got you!

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