Creating a Divine Balance of Giving and Receiving

Uncategorized May 07, 2021

Have you ever...

Given so much of your energy to someone or something and then just felt fucking drained afterwards?

Were you GIVING more than you were RECEIVING?

Did you speak up and stand up for yourself?

It took me a long freaking time to learn this lesson.

I used to be a people pleasure through and through

I’d give, give, give even when my heart was telling me not to

I didn’t know how to express myself— I had no boundaries and I just wanted to make others happy which caused me to completely neglect myself

And the WORST part — when someone would try to give me something, I’d completely shut them down “No, no, it’s ok. Thank you.”


Allowing yourself to RECEIVE in exchange for your own valuable energy — that’s some REAL Self Love

How you receive one thing is how you receive everything so if you’re not good at receiving compliments, kind gestures, people buying you coffee/lunch/dinner, gifts, money— if...

Embracing Your Divine Feminine

Uncategorized Apr 30, 2021

Can I be just sexy without feeling like a hoe???

Is it just me or is it sad that when women tap into their feminine energy its immediately labeled by society?

Do you know that EVERY human being has both masculine & feminine energy?

The sad reality is, a ton of women these days are stuck way too deep in their masculine and that’s happened for many different reasons.

The reasons I was so stuck in my masculine for so long….

I was legit trying to prove myself & prove my worth. I thought I had to ‘DO’ to be worthy

I thought my ‘achievements’ was what made me desirable

I thought I had to do it all - I truly thought that asking for help or receiving help was a form of weakness.

Damn did this energetic balance cause me to feel so low vibe

Being so much in my masculine, I felt like I had to always be hustling & that just ISN’T LIFE.

Life isn’t meant to feel like you are swimming up stream

Life is meant to feel fun, playful, gentle,...

Guided Meditation: Returning To Peace

Uncategorized Apr 23, 2021

Hey my loves!

This is your reminder to take some time to sit with yourself, your higher self, and your inner voice.

Take time out of your day to slow down and simple be, appreciate the current moment.

This guided meditation will allow you to quiet your mind and return to peace. Reconnect with that inner peace that lives within you! 

I hope you enjoy it, my loves!


Morning Pages

Uncategorized Apr 16, 2021

Creating healthy habits and boundaries for yourself is so key on this journey of healing and stepping into your brightest light.

In today’s episode I share a piece of my routine that has greatly impacted my overall mindset since starting!

Holding yourself accountable and sticking with these habits can be tough, but is all a part of the journey!

May this episode be exactly what you need to come back to a place of self love, self compassion & appreciation for your unique light

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Sending you so much love & endless positivity,

Melissa Impett



Nurture Your Inner Child

Uncategorized Apr 09, 2021

That little version of yourself is still a part of you my love - treat yourself the way you would treat a cute lil toddler

Connecting back to our pure essence, we can connect to the path of least resistance

Life gets to be easy, it gets to flow - tap into the ease by loving up on yourself so deeply

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Until Next Week -

Sending you so much love & endless positivity,

Melissa Impett

How To Heal Your Relationship With Money

Uncategorized Apr 02, 2021

Let’s talk a bit more about money - I would do anything to help more people for more ease and less stress around money.

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What's Blocking Your Manifestations?

Uncategorized Mar 26, 2021

Do you feel like you have been consistently writing out your manifestations but they just aren't coming in?

Are you feeling super blocked from your goals and dreams that you know are destined for you?

That's exactly why I created this video: figure out what exactly is blocking your manifestations, and let go of that shit!

How To Live A Life That Feels Magical

Uncategorized Mar 19, 2021

My life legit feels MAGICAL

I can’t help but talk about it because I just want EVERYONE to experience the magic that life has to offer

Stinks though because society has been programming us to #hustle and work stupid hard in order to “succeed”

Is that the truth??? Do we have to grind so hard that we constantly feel drained, depleted and exhausted???


That is NOT the dream. That is NOT how to feel aligned & fulfilled.

Hear me out—When ppl working so hard and are so focused on chasing things— people tend to lose sight of how EASY things can be.


Life GETS to feel magical. In fact, it’s SUPPOSED to be magical.

Life really isn’t meant to be overwhelming hard & full of stress.

Life GETS to flow with ease when you learn how to use your mind to work for youIsn’t that so fucking refreshing to hear? If...

Allow Your Radiant Energy and Aura to Take Up Space!

Uncategorized Mar 12, 2021

What’s your aura like? What’s the energy that you’re radiating?

Here’s a little thought provoking conversation to help you bring more awareness to the energy that you put off into the World each day

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Learning To Love Your Body

Uncategorized Mar 05, 2021

At first, I started working out because I HATED my body, not because I loved it

I forced myself to go to the gym as punishment when I ate something that made me feel guilty

Anyone been there before?

 It was such a vicious cycle lol— I’d eat a big ole' burger  with a shit load of fries — be pissed at myself, and then boss myself into going to the gym cuz I was a “bad girl”

Sounds silly lol, but that’s ultimately the cycle I was stuck in for quite a few years— shit was drainingg  and not to mention the results were so slow it was super challenging to keep the faith

It’s funny looking back now, cuz I can literally see the moment where things shifted for me. It was like this huge AHHH HAAA moment that hit me

 When I started learning more about “gratitude” I realized that I had NONE for my body. I was seriously taking my healthy body for granted just cuz when I looked in the mirror I had this belief that my...


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